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Dovilė Gustienė. Dynamics of ground cover in Scots pine stands after clear cuttings. Supervisor Dr. Iveta Varnagirytė-Kabašinskienė.



Audronė Ispiryan. Phytochemical and antioxidant activity assessment of raspberry (Rubus idaeus) for sustainable waste-free production. Supervisor Dr. Jonas Viškelis, scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Monika Petraitė.

Eimantas Venslovas. Nutritional value of forage crops, mycotoxin risks and relationships with natural and anthropogenic factors. Supervisor Dr. Audronė Mankevičienė, scientific advisor Prof. Dr. habil. Zenonas Dabkevičius.

Karolina Lavrukaitė. Spread, pathogenicity and control of septoria tritici blotch causal agent Zymoseptoria tritici in winter wheat. Supervisor Dr. Jūratė Ramanauskienė, scientific advisor Dr. Rita Armonienė.

Lauksmė Merkevičiūtė-Venslovė. Quality of conserved forage and factors influencing its changes. Supervisor Dr. Alvyra Šlepetienė, scientific advisors: Dr. Jurgita Cesevičienė, Dr. Audronė Mankevičienė.

Muhammad Ayaz. Perspectives of biochar with mineral nitrogen fertilizers for improvement of soil sustainability and crop production in nemoral climatic zone. Supervisor Dr. Dalia Feizienė, scientific advisor Dr. Vita Tilvikienė.

Vilija Matyžiūtė. Soil seed bank in different agrophytocenoses of the hilly relief. Supervisor Dr. Regina Skuodienė, scientific advisor Dr. Regina Repšienė.

Samar Swify. Effect of urea compounds as fertilizer on different soil types. Supervisor Dr. Romas Mažeika, scientific advisors Dr. Dalia Feizienė, Assoc. prof. Dr. Jonas Volungevičius.


Dorotėja Vaitiekūnaitė. Tree growth stimulation and pathogen growth inhibition using endophytic microorganisms. Supervisors: Dr. Vaida Sirgedaitė-Šėžienė (2020–2023), Dr. Sigutė Kuusienė (2018–2020).

Milda Muraškienė. Evaluation of soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in Lithuanian mineral soils in different land use. Supervisor Dr. Kęstutis Armolaitis.