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Department of Plant Pathology and Protection

Head Dr. Roma Semaškienė, roma.semaskiene@lammc.lt, +370 610 49 326. All staff

Research topics

  • Epidemiology and biology of arable crops’ diseases and pests, the distribution of pathogen and pest populations, evaluation of the crop loss
  • Efficacy of new chemical and biological pesticides
  • Development of human and environment friendly, effective, and economically viable disease and pest management strategies
  • Occurrence of soil micro-organisms and soil biological activity
  • Mould fungi and mycotoxin contamination in agricultural produce
  • Pesticide resistance of disease causing pathogens and pests
Department of Plant Nutrition and Agroecology

Head Dr. Dalia Feizienė, dalia.feiziene@lammc.lt, +370 688 94 014. All staff

Research topics

  • Diagnostics of plant nutrition and crop yield modelling
  • Effects of long-term fertilizer application on the productivity of agricultural crops, migration of chemical elements, and nutrient balance
  • Investigation of biodiversity formation and variation in grassland and field swards in agrolandscapes differing in genesis and sustainability
  • Cereal and grass yield formation, sustainable use of resources of fertile soils in organic agriculture
  • Energy plant potential and search for new plants for biofuel production
  • Soil chemical and biophysical quality in different agroecosystems
Department of Soil and Crop Management

Head Dr. Virginijus Feiza, virginijus.feiza@lammc.lt, +370 688 87 249. All staff

Research topics

  • Selection of crop management systems, crop rotations and their sequences
  • Effects of soil tillage on the variation of soil physical properties under changing climatic conditions
  • Development of minimal soil tillage system and identification of the feasibility to reduce soil tillagefor individual zones of the country
  • Weed and crop competition; optimization of weed control in a crop stand
  • Weed flora and seed bank changes under different soil acidity and productivity
Department of Cereal Breeding

Head Dr. Algė Leistrumaitė, alge.leistrumaite@lammc.lt, +370 614 79 378. All staff

Research topics

  • Development of new lines and populations of winter cereals, research into their adaptive qualities, yield structural elements and agronomic value, breeding of novel, promising varieties
  • Development of genotypes of spring cereals, research into adaptive and agronomic characteristics,identification of promising lines for the registration of new varieties
  • Development of new genotypes of legumes, investigation of their adaptive and agronomically valuable characteristics, breeding of new homogeneous varieties with different earliness
  • Investigation and selection of cereal and grain legume crops’ genetic recourses, their evaluation and selection according to adaptability to biotic and abiotic factors
  • Selection of cereal crop varieties and breeding lines most suitable for organic farming
  • Maintenance breeding and seed production
Department of Grass Breeding

Head Dr. Eglė Norkevičienė, egle.norkeviciene@lammc.lt, +370 672 52 173. All staff

Research topics

  • Performance of forage and turf grass breeding programmes; forage grasses: Trifolium pratense L., Trifolium repens L., Medicago sativa L., Phleum pratense L., Lolium perenne L., Festulolium, Festuca pratensis Huds., Dactylis glomerata L., Poa pratensis L., turf grasses: Poa pratensis L., Festuca rubra L., Festuca ovina L., Agrostis capillaris L., Lolium perenne L.
  • Maintenance breeding and seed production
  • Genetic resources of forage and turf grasses
  • Search for promising species of perennial grasses and legumes and non-traditional plants, investigation and breeding (Panicum virgatum L., Dactylis polygama Horv. Arrhenatherum elatius P. Blauv, Melilotus spp., Poa nemoralis L., Koeleria gracilis Pers., Festuca trachyphylla (Hack.) Krajina, Festuca psammophila Fritsch, Festuca sabulosa H. Lindb., etc.)
Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology

Head Dr. Rita Armonienė, rita.armoniene@lammc.lt, +370 612 54 019. All staff

Research topics

  • Research on genetics, biotechnology and physiology of cereals and perennial grasses and development of initial breeding material
  • Plant adaptivity, gene identification and expression
  • DNA markers development and application in cereals and perennial grasses
  • Interspecific hybridization and poliploidy in clovers
  • Wheat doubled haploid production via wheat × maize crossing
  • Molecular identification and genetic diversity analysis of pathogenic fungi
Chemical Research Laboratory

Head Dr. Alvyra Šlepetienė, alvyra.slepetiene@lammc.lt, +370 612 43 141. All staff

Research topics

  • Grass/legume, rapeseed, maize and grass silage quality as affected by genotypic diversity, agrotechnological peculiarities and climate change
  • Physical, chemical, and technological tests on grain, flour and dough quality, assessment of quality variation causality, interrelationships and suitability for industrial processing
  • Regularities of variation of soil chemical properties (contents of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus, potassium, amount of organic matter, its composition and characteristics) as influenced by soil and crop management practices; variation of carbon in pastures, grasslands, and cultivated soil; assessment of the effects of land use conversion on carbon sequestration. Introduction of new research methods for quality determination of phyto-raw materials
  • Quality and safety of food, forage, renewable energy sources and alternative fibre phyto-raw materials as influenced by plant genetic origin, climate peculiarities, plant nutrient supply
  • Feasibility of multifunctional use of agricultural traditional and alternative herbaceous plants for the development of technologies for the production of phyto-raw materials and bioproducts and their environmental impacts
Agrobiology Laboratory

Head Dr. Karolina Barčauskaitė, karolina.barcauskaite@lammc.lt, +370 601 05 056. All staff

Research topics

  • Soil agrochemical properties and pollution research
  • Application of plant nutrition diagnostics – assessment of macro- and micronutrient deficiencies and optimisation of their content
  • Plant and food quality
  • Development and use of new mineral and organic fertilizers, liming materials
  • Quality of soil improvers, their potential pollution and use
  • Environmental pollution prevention
Microbiology Laboratory

Head Dr. Skaidrė Supronienė, skaidre.suproniene@lammc.lt, +370 615 49 346. All staff

Research topics

  • Identification and control of plant pathogens
  • Research on the population structure of mycotoxin producers
  • Isolation and identification of plant endophytic microorganisms and determination of their effect on plant growth
  • Microbiological contamination and control of plant production
  • Maintenance, research and cultivation of symbiotic bacteria collection of Fabaceae crops
  • Research on the structure of soil microorganism population as influenced by different soil and crop management systems